Winchester Village & Woods & PAWS Annual Subdivision Garage Sales

Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12, 2018

Please donate $1 per family to support advertisement of the sale. Send to one of the following:

Frank & Kathy Brittain, 9143 Norbury, 810-630-2277; Laura Leyanna, 5202 Seymour Rd. 810-635-0474; Andrea Cross, 9225 Young Dr., 810-938-5263

It was voted to have both Friday and Saturday and to keep the sale on Motherís Day weekend.

This will be the last year of delivering flyers as we donít collect enough money and not enough people volunteer to deliver them. So, check on the following Facebook sites: Winchester Village, Swartz Creek; Winchester Village/Woods Neighborhood Watch; Nextdoor The Village; Swartz Creek Parents and School Community; Swartz Creek & Community Information Page; Genesee County Resale for Everyone; and Swartz Creek. And check on Craigís List.

As long as enough money is donated we will continue to advertise in the Flint Journal and the Swartz Creek View.

Again PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) will have a sale at 9286 Eton Ct. Why not donate unneeded items to PAWS? Drop them off at Eton Ct. by May 5th. To schedule a pickup, call 810-496-2923.